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Way more excitment than I tend to lead on. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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man oh man [08 Apr 2005|05:51pm]
[ mood | that is a neat kitten ]

i am tired.......
spent the night over toms, man he picked me up and i fell asleep on the couch and then he told me to get up and go in his room so i did and i passed the fuck out, i was so tired...i was so tired the whole day, i had cramps the whole fucking day and i wanted to cry oh wait i did...... and it was horrible, it was danes last day and i wanted to cry, im going to miss talking to him in sullivans oh and doing all the word searches was always so fun<3haha<3
he is one incredible guy<3
and today i ate some tacos and cleaned up my house and no one said anything. they just said uh what are you doing when they got home.. how fucking lame. i cleaned for an hour and a half straight. and i dont get a thanks. now nice.
and i know that im not going to go driving today because my dad is so fucking lazy... yeah no surpise there....... so im going to shower and get all pretty probably for nothing since tonight is going to be a fucking drag since tom and this stupid job which means.. no drugs for about another week.... :( and not until tomorrow is the fire. so looks like my friday will be lame...
so i probably will clean up my room do a load of laundry and take a nap then shower and do all that junk, i dont know yet... blahhh im so tired............and if i am who i think i am....... i hope i get a nice comment from them<3 maybe... about saying how my life is nice. which its not.... i hope i kinda do because he is a nice boy<3 hahahahahahaha
ok im leaving now<3<3 fridays suck because i dont have school so im always so fucking bored, all i do is sit on the computer. what a loserrrrr.

ahahahahahaha please comment<3 i love to read and respond<3

oh oh oh and i should be getting my kitten very soon, i am already dreaming about her hahahahaha<3 man im such a fag.

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