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Way more excitment than I tend to lead on. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Apr 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | excited for tomorrow<3 ]

Today was all right mostly. it was hailing, it was horrible, and today in 3rd hour sucked really bad well it was nice for me because i acutally had something to do, but someone said something to me and they are so right... hahah they asked how i got to cambridge because i was helping the teacher correct papers, and he was like hmm. what other person would you see at this school asking the teacher if they need help correcting papers. so today i checked about 15 spelling packets that had 398 problems on them of 12 pages. it was nice. i got the 2nd highest score. i got 62 wrong and josh got 54 wrong. i still did pretty good compared to everyone else hahahah most people got between 100 and 200 wrong. hahahaha bunch of stupid ass people, seriously. and went to lunch with randy and brian it was nice. i cant wait until the weekend i hang out with amanda and amanda it will be so much fun<3 today i was given a paper heart. hahahaha it was really cute though. so amanda and i sang paper heart like all 4th hour. it was nice.
Also last night i talked to andreas on the phone i love to hear him talk it is so hot<3 i drove on the free way all the way to my dads work out in novi and it was crazy so i hate the freeway now. so when i have to drive hahah someone else is driving<3 or we are taking the side streets....<333 i got into ANOTHER community<3 haha i am a community whore, badly<3 today was odd, my dad and mom were like ok, since your never home, you can drive with tom now! OMGZ yay so like all weekend i will be driving with him in my car<3 yay TOMORROW i am going to church with Darla<3 yay i am so excited lance might be coming, i hope he does<3

OOOOOOO kitten....... I get to choose well PLEASE.. ME HELP AND COMMENT kitten LA: its a goldenish brownish with blue eyes and its 6 months old and its of course a girl and i can get her probably tomorrow or by this weekend fer suree.<3

kitten LB: its a black kitten with blue eyes and its about 4-5 weeks old and i will get it in about a week//week and a half when its ready to leave its mama. so help me out man. which one do i get?!?!?! please helppp

<3333 ♥ Ashleyy Disasterrrrrr<33333333
Bobbi- I love you<3
Kevin- I miss you<3
Darla- Your like the best<3

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