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Way more excitment than I tend to lead on. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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You know what? [01 Jul 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | I'm in a great mood today, kid ]

I really don't like how I'm always so mean.
I wish I could be nicer, but its so hard.
Well Im not feeling so good right now, I had TOO MUCH sober fun. =(
I did laugh so hard until I was crying. Which was amazing.
I dont know if I should tell you why....
I will anyways...
We were driving... lalalala.. and then we saw this truck, with this old guy hanging out of his window driving, dragging his garbage can along the side of his truck and I couldnt stop laughing. Then I saw 2 dead geese right next to each other about 15 feet away, I think that old guy might of killed them...
But yeah, if you saw him, you would of laughed too.
I dont think you can get any lazier.
Im going to get my mom now<3
I love you<3

your so awesome
your my bestfriend
I ♥ you so much<3

I miss you, I think we should play outside, it's so nice out today, I think we should catch some ladybugs for good luck<3

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[01 Jul 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Well, I have a lot of cleaning and junk to do today, Im mad I have to waste such a nice day. Drinking beer, sitting by a pretty fire, watching a movie, getting laid.
are my plans for tonight.

dont you all wish you were invited?
I doubt I will get laid.
It is quite a nice thought though.
But all the rest. Yes, with my bestfriend SAMSON<3

Today, Samson and I sat in a car for an hour(we were waiting for tom), put post-it notes all over the windows and wrote random words on them, I chased after a mama kitty and a baby kitty, and tried my best not to fall asleep.
I told you all about that crazy old guy.

We went 107.8 miles to get lots of money<3
Too bad none of it was for me =(
I had a wonderful time with them boys, that I ♥ so much<3

I hate my baby pokemon.
She makes me so mad.

Just because were broken up, doesnt mean we cant hang out and have fun, just no more lovey dovey stuff. =) Please, I am trying here.

I cant take it anymore. I feel like such a bother. Which I truly hate for that I probably am. I just dont feel like they want me around or to talk to me even. I promise a good time with lots of fun. I just wish they could see that and I want to tell them how Im keeping such a secret, I cant ever tell. I wish I could, just not now. I guess I will stop being such a bother..

play outside with me. you have no idea what you could be missing<3

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[01 Jul 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

what is a GOOD addicting website, there isnt enough on livejournal for me anymore.
im sick of posting with no comments to be said about what i think and feel, or maybe its so fucked up no one can understand and are to scared to say that im going crazy.
I probably am.
I am very sick, but Im in a great mood today, Ive been laughing a lot and not even using drugs! which is lovely.
there is just so much on my mind lately... I dont really know what to do with it all, its to much to sort through, and im only like 10% done. and thats with one problem. about 70% is another person. and the 20% is my family. I just dont know what to do anymore I guess.

I think I should be going to a shrink?
or maybe I just need to make better friends because the ones I have now, arent really cool. (amanda, totally not you) its just about everyone else.

Amanda, when is Manda coming back? I miss her, we should hang out today, with Micheal Ryan. It will be fun.

Ok, Im outside, ready to play. =) Where are you at??

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