August 14th, 2008

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 well, its bed time right now. eh way way way past bed time acutally.
so paramore was like amazing.  I had tons of fun!
The boyfriend has work in the am so I was just going to go straight home and it was still kinda early so I ran by the club to see if jessica was there, no.... so i went to the A frame with mike, jamie and julian.  
I really enjoy talking to julian [he is very catholic]  we always talk about spritual things and he seems so serious, i mean yeah its a serious subject for him and i but i like to make him laugh by asking like stupid questions in the middle of his sentences.  i do that quite a bit to some people, i dont mean to be mean or rude or anything. i do it to make fun.
I did not know fencing was in the olympics. hm. that is kind of strange.
back to my conversation with juilan, he told me that every one has a guardian angel and how he went in depth a bit it really touched me.  he also said that you need to spend some time alone with your guardian angel praying with them.  the first thought that came to my mind was uh, what kind of imagination does this guy have?  he recommended a website that has some info on it.  
"These devoted guardians -- to whom we should pray each day (asking their help in purifying here on earth) -- never cease to be concerned with the souls that God has committed to their charge.
Their great mission and desire is to see us home in Heaven. "

That really touched me.  
I am working on a name to name my guardian angel :] - it should be something that touches you though prayer and in latin.

anywaysssssss. i am going to sleep.
good nightt
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