August 17th, 2008


So like today; the boyfriend convinced me to sign up for MY FIRST open talk.
I am not giving details, I like hope no one shows up.  I am terrified already, Im not to good at talking in front of people, especially the worst moments of my life...
I dont know, I know I will do with without a problem, I am just nervous.

So Jeffs birthday is this week, we are going out on the boat to orchard lake? or pontiac lake.  We arent sure yet.
So I want to plan this suprise, but i am THE WORST at stuff like that.  It always messes up.  Or I give it away. :[
So I dont know.
I am liking the olympics.  the womens gymanstics have been over and that is really the only thing I like to watch.
last night Liz and I were watching the mens power walking.  how horrible is that?  they were like so jogging, and should have been disqualified.  cheaters.

So Today was a pretty good day.  I wish I would have acutally slept last night.  I have been soo tired all day and im dumb butt going to sleep at 2am. gosh.

good night<3

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