October 19th, 2008

so yeah.

So I since Ive started school, everything has been pretty darn good.
So as of yesterday I am 21 months sober!  How great is that?  I cant believe it actually.
Jeff and I are doing great :]  I had a wonderful sweetest day!  We went to a wedding of one of his neighborhood friends from when he was a kid, and then we went to the ARM chili dinner.
We got there a little late, and we still got to hear the open talk.  Ali was with me of course but around 9 I called my sissy to come and pick her up (shes been using my car, hers is broken at the moment)  to get her to sleep.  She has her first cold :O so she has been very crabby the past 2 days.  Today was much worse, all she wanted today was for me to hold her and walk around.  I tried a million times to sit down or sit in the rocker and she just would start to cry. gr. she totally has me whipped.  I do everything I can do so she doesnt cry at all.  My mom is always on my ass about that.  I cant stand hearing her cry for any amount of seconds :[  so tonight, a meeting at 11 with my sissy!
Im not really sure why she wants to come to meetings with me but im ok with it.  I dont really think she is an alcoholic, but all you need is a desire to NOT drink anymore.

I am so in love.
I didnt ever think there could ever be a boy who loves me for who i really am.
everything about me.
and for me to unconditionally love, trust and understand someone is something I didnt ever think I could really do honestly and whole-heartedly.
Still when I havent seen him for a day or two for even a few hours I get butterflies like crazy when I see him.

thankyou adam for playing cupid LOL
Ive been thinking about getting my vertial lebret pierced again.
I really miss it so so much.

Im going to take a shower and get to a meeting!
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