November 3rd, 2008

so yeah.

so Ali and I are staying at Jeffs for a bit, a few days or so.  We are keeping Ashley company while Jeff works Im going to be taking/picking her up from school and keeping her company.  She hasnt been herself lately and Im hoping I can cheer her up with some girl time. :]

I am just really happy.  Its my last week of the first section of school.  like so easy. ;]  Im just sitting here listening to my phone.  I have like done nothing today in class so far.  I just really dont want to.  I am doing really good and I just really dont want to make up these presentations, if I could pick what it is about or something sure, but what we have to do it on.... no thanks.  I just really want to leave break is in a few mins and I just have to take a quiz and I just really want to take it email my work in and get out of here. my other class I dont have to take the final because Ive never left or missed class.  The final is like going to be really hard too. lucky me Im not taking it.  I love my other class it like pretty much a self help class with making yourself better and finding out a lot about your self.  thats like just what i need lol.

also..  Im going to be seeing someone for an hour a week or so just to get some help organizing my brain, thank god i know the perfect guy to help me with it.  Ive known him for a while and I know he is perfect to help me.  Yes I am so happy and I have everything I need.  Thats why  I think organizing my brain would be a great idea right now.  While I am able to handle it and deal with the things that I have lost due to over stuffing.  :D sounds like its going to be so much fun!

So im leaving class early. I have decided that.

I have a horrible headache, when I was dropping off Ali at my parents house my mom hit me upside my head thinking she was being funny....  It so made my headache worse :[  I dont like when she messes with me when Im in a bad mood or just really not wanting to hear her talk.  We can all say that about someone lol.

18 days til A7X with jeff! AH I am so freaking excited! I cant wait ah!
I love hearing that commerical on 89X about how they are sorry for traffic, and loud noise lol

anyways. im going to wait for break and then do a little bit more work and get out of here.
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