December 4th, 2008


so, school is going really good.
everything between jeff and i is good, I do feel like im really opening up all of me to him. I do know i am already very open and honest always but i hold somethings in like what im really thinking but ive been really saying things i would normally hold back.  just like thoughts and feelings.  i dont ever do that with people unless im on the phone talking to someone that is in recovery and im having a meltdown lol.  but things are good.
oh. this show paris my bff from the first episode i wanted brittany to win and she did! yay!
baby is doing wonderful, she is talking nonstop being all crazy like usual.  she is so amazing!
anyways. its like 3am so i am going to sleep.
so i really hope i have enough time at school tomorrow to write again!