ashleyy (ashley_disaster) wrote,

so im back right...

well i hate being back. well it is nice to be 'home'
only if i had a home to go home to.... if that makes any sence...
ive just been spending tons of army money :D
and i went on a weekend vacation with my 2 bestfriends to ohio<3
I will have pictures soon.

so i have like 5 kittens to be given away<3
let me know if you want one<3

oh and i got a cool phone now..
the number is..
ha like i would really put it on here....

so i have to go and do a bunch of army crap today.. im so going to like leave right after i get my patch and crap. im not staying the night and like doing pt in the morning and stuff no way.
it all depends on how long im going to have to be there...
anyways im getting so fucking annoyed right now so im leaving.
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