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So like yesterday wasnt completely horrible, I only really made a fool of myself last night reading and like a lot of people came up to me asking me if I was ok and what was wrong....  Its nice to know that there are people who care about me and notice when Im upset or angry... My Stephies boyfriend is nice.  I love how we double date. lol  

So I just got back from my Anns house.  Ali and I had fun :] she made me eat so much :[  she always does that to me lol.

Jeff is giving a lead tonight so Im going to support him.  He has been working his butt off these past few weeks.  In my mind Im like totally being selfish;  I dont ever say anything to him but I miss staying up really really late and just talking and giggling for hours and sleeping in well he would be, I would always be awake with Ali.  He is way to good to me.  How did I get so damn lucky?

Tonight after the meeting Im doing some step work with Stephie :]  I am excited and Im sure she cant wait at all.  Well Im going to go and  spend the rest of the afternoon with my Dad while ali is napping.
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