ashleyy (ashley_disaster) wrote,


So like dont you just love when fucking idiots prove to you they can be even a bigger fucking idiot?
Well yeah I dont.
It just makes me sick.
I just really dont understand people who have 'mental problems'. 
And I dont get how someone thinks they can be playing these games and so be bluffing.
Iam just so glad Ive learned how to watch everyone else play and when its my time to play, I will know exactly what to do.

You know, if you have a child with someone and your not taking responsiblity for that child whether the mother or father, if that child is not glued to you and you have to be with it the whole entire day and beg and pay people for 2 hours of freedom by yourself then you have some fucking problems.
i did not want to get pregnant and have a baby no.  but i did and it has changed me so much and i have grown up so much and learned the true meaning of RESPONSIBILITY I love that little girl more than anything in this entire world. 
I do know if I do not continue to stay sober and do what I suppost to do then I will not be a good mother.  I owe that to her to do that.  She wasnt asked to be born into this cruel world with a jackass for a father.  I just know that she will always have me and only me.  It just really fucking pisses me off that some of these bitches i went to highschool with dont take care of there babies themselves.  I do know that a few do but the ones that dont just give them up for adoption, you know you cant take care of it properly.  its time you let someone who will really love it and give it there all to raise them in a happy home.
god I fucking hate stupid fucking people dammit.
most of all people who know they have a drug/alcohol problem and choose to do nothing about it while its ripping someone elses life apart watching them do it. motherfuckers
I am fucking pissed thanks.
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