ashleyy (ashley_disaster) wrote,


So Im at school right now, all done with my work and nothing to do at the moment..
I just thought Id update a bit.

So Ive been going through some things that Im not going to talk about here, but they are getting me a bit confused about some parts in my life.
oh and believe it or not, I do go to school now and Im in this 1 year program to basically become a secretary.  I do want a nice cozy desk job maybe even someones asst.  hahaha being the sickened co-dependent i am lol. sure I will do your laundry! ahhaha
I am doing so well.
Ive become secretary in my home group for meetings now!  I do still chair on fridays which has been going down the drain thanks to the fall and everyones bright ideas to have bonfire meetings.  There is also the tri-county convention this weekend which Iam so going to I just have to find a sitter for a few hours Saturday and possibly Sunday.  If im paying 20$ I am going at least 2 days lol.

Everything really seems to be falling into place.  Jeff and I are doing wonderful :] Ali just turned 8months gosh, talk about time flying by.  It seemed just like a few days ago I was still in the hospital having her lol.
I am just really happy and starting school monday is like amazing hahahah its so easy well for the moment.
Ive been really thinking about trying to talk to some old friends but they like all use and drink so like i really dont know if its a good idea lol.
I just really miss the boys I use to hang out with like tons.
especially terry. I dont even know if hes still in jail or what? lol  I just hope he is ok.
Ive been really busy with everything lately I havent had time to just sit on the computer and update or anything, just check my crap on myspace lol. 
Iam not going to the 1130 tonight after school, i am going to go and watch forgetting sarah marshal with jeff and ashley.
 well, I talked my teacher into giving us all of next weeks assignments so im going to get an early start I still have an hour an a half so

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