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I really miss when the 5 of us would just hang out all day and all acutally get along and just have so much fun.
I hate to see how everyone changed so much.
Seriously, all of us are so different now.
some of us changed for the bad.
some of us for the good.
I needed to leave, I needed to straighten out my plans.
and once I did that when i thought everything was going to be ohkay again.
everything crashed right before my heart broke in a million pieces.
I will always love the 3 of you boys.
because you guys were there for everything.
Im glad I can at least talk to one of you with out wanting to pull all of my hair out.
Im glad your my best friend.
I love you a lot. :D

I cant wait to leave here.
Im going to join some kind of military branch
I just cant decide right now.
I dont want anyone trying to talk me down about this either.
I think I could do it and be happy.

harley and della are having kitty sex.

they will have the cutest kittens ever.
I will be giving them away, so if you want one tell me :D

im going back to sleep for a bit.
good morning.
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i just figured i should quit.
i do have a lot ahead of me.
and i am happy how i am right now.

i know that no one understands most of the stuff i say, but i like it that way, i dont want everyone knowing exactly what happened and how it did.
because usually i get really upset over stupid things and i found out that is just stupid in the first place.
so im just going to be a nice happy girl.

im going rollerblading<3

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i pretty much ran away for a day.
it was nice.
the problem was, i wasnt happy.

i dont know.

well i have a horrible headache
and i worked out for 5 hours today
help me please.

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so far today is a pretty good day<3

I hope everyone has a good day<3

im going to take a shower now.... any one want to join me?


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so i guess its cool to act like a little kid?
not at all.
i hate it when stupid people try to be cool and scene when they know they wont ever be anything but a lame ass who only makes minimum wage.

or even when..
they have one person that loves them more than anything and they just simply dont care.
that is what bothers me most.
when people waste love.
when someone can be made so happy and they just dont even care.
when that happens.... it makes me want to kill myself..

i dont know what is going on with my sister.
which worries me.

della is so cute.
i love her so much.
but yet, if anyone wants her, let me know.
you can have her.

sometimes i feel like i just dont know what to do anymore. like when i think it just hurts.
when i think all it does is cause pain.
i hate thinking.
or just maybe the things i think about are whats really bothering me.
who really cares though right?
i mean i can count on one hand of the people that i love and care about not including family. but that is horrible.

im begining to think i have nothing.

oh i got into HFCC!
i probably wont even go there.
i dont know why i wasted so much time trying to get in.

i want to go in the military.
i believe that would do me so much good.
well im sick of all of this.
so im leaving.


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im not sure :-/

andrea was in my dream last night<3
im not sure why or anything, i just remember her.

i have to take my mom shopping now.
i hate driving her everywhere..