Way more excitment than I tend to lead on.


26 July 1987
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WARNING; This journal is my private journal, my thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams. Please do not take it seriously; more than likely Ive had a bad day I just need to vent. If anything offends you, sorry.

I am Ashley Ellen♥

Meg & Dia<3

RIP Jason Wilson<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I love you so much my brother,<3<3
You are going to be missed dearly<3
You are forever in my prayers<3<3<3
January 21, 1982 - August 15, 2007

I have the cutest little girly ever<3
Her name is Alainah Jade [ali]

I am a very greatful member of Alcoholics Anonymous♥
My Soberity date is January 18th, 2007 :D

I have some of the bestest friends.

I made quite a few mistakes in my past. Basically from the day I was born my life was pretty messed up, which was my favorite excuse to drink and use drugs. I was pretty good at it for a while. Until, it wasnt fun anymore. I lost not only myself, but everyone that loved me. I married my high school sweetheart, we ran away to the Army, and then later got divorced because 'he was an alcoholic' when really, it was all me. All me. I decided to help myself for once and go to this place where happy people are. People who love themselves and people love them. Where people loved me until I could love myself. I had nothing but a tiny glimmer of hope. Thats all I needed. I got sober Thank you to the AMAZING program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Later, I met some guy and we thought we were 'in love' story short; I got pregnant, he went psycho, I left him and now... He is making tiny efforts to be in her life... 2 years later. What a fucking winner.

I am happy, I am sober, I have such a little darling. &&&&&& The very best boyfriend in the world. Thats all.
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